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Download The Surcheros App to earn rewards and order online for pick up or delivery

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Q: How do I get credit and build points for dining at Surcheros?  

A: For every dollar spent, you earn 10 points. The dollar amount is based on your subtotal amount after discounts and before taxes. There are 4 ways to get credit: 

        1)    Allow our cashier to scan your account QR code before checking out. 

        2)    Give your mobile number to the cashier before checking out. 

        3)    Keep your receipt and scan the QR code at the bottom of the receipt, using the Surcheros app. 

        4)    Pick-up orders placed via the Surcheros app will automatically accumulate points in your account.

Q: How long do I have to scan my receipt?  

A: Three (3) days from the date of purchase. After three (3) days, the transaction is no longer eligible for earning.

Q: How do I check my point balance? 

A: Your points balance can be checked in the Surcheros app. If unable to access via the app, contact

Q: How do I know when I have earned a REWARD? 

A: You will receive a notification in your account. You can also check the Redeem section located in the Surcheros app.

Q: Today is my birthday, why did I not receive the BIRTHDAY REWARD?

A: Newly created accounts do not receive the BIRTHDAY REWARD. You will have to maintain an active account with recent activity to receive the BIRTHDAY REWARD. If you have an active account and did not receive this REWARD, please reach out to us at

Q: Do points expire?

A: Yes, points expire when left unredeemed for 2 years. We do send a courtesy notification 30 days & 7 days before the expiration.  

Q: What happens to unused REWARDS? 

A: Unused REWARDS expire 90 days from when they are received.

Q: Can I redeem my points for cash? 

A: No. Points and REWARDS may only be redeemed for REWARDS listed in the app.  

Q: Can I use a coupon in addition to redeeming a REWARD? 

A: No. Coupons and other discounts cannot be combined with a REWARD purchase.

Q: Can I use more than one REWARD at a time? 

A: No. Currently, only one REWARD is allowed at a time. We are working to allow more redemptions on a single visit which will come at a later date.

Q: Will I earn points when I purchase a gift card? 

A: No, points are only earned when a gift card is utilized for a purchase but not when a gift card is created. 

Q: I activated two REWARDS but I can only use one, did I lose my points for the second REWARD? 

A: No. Points are only spent when a code is redeemed. Points stay on your account if a activation code expires.

Q: Can I use REWARDS for online delivery service orders? 

A: No. Unfortunately, REWARDS cannot be redeemed when placing orders with partners such as DoorDash or ezCater.

Q: Can I earn points and redeem REWARDS at any Surcheros location? 

A: Yes! All Surcheros locations participate in the Surcheros REWARDS program.

Q: I just created my account, can I earn points for past transactions?

A: Any accounts created within three (3) days of purchase will be able to claim a transaction. If an account is created beyond the three (3) day limit, past transactions are not eligible to be claimed.